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The Oakk Room Restaurant

The Oakk Room officially opened in March 2011. Since it's inception the Oakk Room has became a haven for urban professionals in Western New York.  With a commitment to bringing service and a quality atmosphere, the Oakk Room continues to evolve and improve daily.


Panoramic Magazine


Panoramic Magazine is a publication dedicated to documenting the lives and businesses of Urban Professionals in and from Buffalo, NY. The concept of the magazine developed from the need for mentors and mentorship in the urban community. Panoramic Magazine seeks to tell the stories of successful individuals and how they navigated life and achieved success.

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Mrdwilson Limited Printing & Graphic Design

MRDWILSON Limited Corp is a minority owned and operated company that has provided Complete Graphic Design, Brand Identity, and Print Solutions for large and small businesses throughout the United States and Canada for the past 15+ years. We specialize in high quality designs and a unique ability to capture an audience. Our goal is to create a one stop shop to assist companies in becoming more effcient.

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The Collection by Dennis Wilson

The Collection is a clothing line and accessories created by Mr. Dennis Wilson. Created to embody a lifestyle of success, excitement, and high quality of life; The Collection goes by the creed of "Work Hard, Look Good, Feel Good, Smell Good." 

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